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Staffing defined

Standing out in excellent and motivated staff for clients and the company. Staffing has a large scale of high-end clients in logistics, production and food.

Staffing is a low profile operations driven company, with a heart for every client. With extensive Business Intelligence and well maintained databases for over a decade we are able to supply highly qualified staff within hours to our clients, which gives flexibility a new dimension.

With our smart pay rolling system we are able to process data, hours, pay slips and invoices within minutes for thousands of employees.


Our Mission

Staffing has been founded by active investors who are operationally involved in the business. On a daily basis we supply highly productive and trained staff and there for we add direct value to our clients. Being always in search of efficiency we invest in developing smart system to support new concepts and new ways of working in a traditional branch. We are proud to be a true and trustful partner for all our stakeholders, whether client, colleague, temp or supplier.

Our Vision

Be the best employer for our staff. Be the best supplier for our clients. Be the best partner on the market. Be the best team to our colleagues. Be the best.

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We trust in longlasting partnerships with the most important brands on the market.

FED Ergon

Staffing is part of ESG, an actively engaged investment company. Go to website